These Boots are made for Walking!

Recently, we’ve been spending a LOT of time outdoors. Sam loves nothing more than wondering around in the woods, so we’ve been doing that as often as possible. This has meant I have been wearing my wellies a lot more than usual. 

When I wear my current wellies for more than half an hour or so, the area between the top of my
foot and my lower shin gets really painful. (Along the joint). I assume
this is because my wellies are so heavy, and it’s like mission
impossible to flex my foot as I walk. I usually end up getting cramp as
soon as I remove my wellies – not ideal when I then need to drive home.

This lead me on a mission to find some lightweight wellies
to try to resolve the issue. I haven’t bought any yet, but Crocs is the
only brand I recognise when I search for them, online. They have some
pretty funky styles, too.

I think these look a lot more expensive than their £34.99 price tag. I love the fact they have the holes at the top for you to add the Crocs “Jibbitz” too. (Like small charms you “pop” into the holes). I’m all for a bit of personalisation! Jellyegg have one of the largest ranges of Crocs I have ever seen! They also have a huge range of Jibbitz – including Batman ones!

I think that if I am going to be spending a lot of time in them, my wellies should be comfy. I have tried Hunter Wellies in the past, but found those were too heavy. I can’t understand why they are so popular (and expensive). 

I think I will definitely be adding these boots to my must buy list. Unless anyone has any tips for making my existing wellies a bit more flexible?!

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