What do you do with all of the outgrown children’s clothes?

It is unbelievable just how many bin bags full of baby clothes there are in this house. I kept all of Sam’s baby stuff until Syd was born, then passed some of it on to a friend. Now Syd is here, and she is growing so quickly. She is already in size 12-18 Months clothes.

I have 2-3 bin bags of clothes in each size for her. Plus a few from Sam too. It has got to the point that I need to shift it. What are my options?

I could put them all in the loft – “just in case“, but DaddyGeek would probably divorce me!

I could spend weeks on end washing, drying, ironing, photographing, listing, packing, shipping it all, to make a few quid on eBay, or via a facebook page?

I could pass some of it on to friends and family in the area?

I could sell it to a cash for clothes company?

I could give it to charity?

In all honesty, their clothes aren’t really expensive enough to even consider selling them on. I tend to stick to Supermarkets for baby clothes because they fly through sizes that fast, I’d be bankrupt keeping them both in decent labels. Plus, the amount of spewing Syd did meant lots of washing, so non iron, affordable cotton stuff was the bulk of her wardrobe for the first 8 Months.

I reckon I need to just bite the bullet and sort through the million bin bags, bin what isn’t wearable, bag up in size order what is wearable, ask friend and family¬† if they want any of it, then give the rest to Charity. It’s going to be one EPIC job.

Does anyone want to do it for me? I will let you have first pick of the baby clothes. And the shoes, coats, bedding, blankets, socks, vests, bibs…! No?¬†

What do you do with the clothes once they are too small for your kids?

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