Dear Batman

I am writing this letter after seeing something similar over at MamaGeek

Dear Batman,
While it is always lovely to see your cheeky smile during the day, 4am is NOT daytime. I know the Sun is confusing and it wakes you up, but take it from me – it isn’t morning until 7am. You’re lucky. You can go back to sleepies whenever you fancy, but Mummy and Daddy have jobs to do. It isn’t so easy for us. Today will be sponsored by coffee, and productivity will be low.

It’s now 9am and you’ve been asleep for 20 minutes. I am jealous. We are both up and dressed, and have been since 5am. I can’t carry you all the way back upstairs so we can both go back to sleep. (We live in a 3 storey house and I can’t manage the stairs while I am carrying you and Robyn). I am sure Daddy would carry you up if I asked him to, but it’s sod’s law you’d wake up if I did. So instead, I’ll let you dream your happy dreams in your playroom while I sit here drinking icy water, wishing I could have another cup of coffee.

I think it is time we got you a blackout blind or some lined curtains for your bedroom window, so that hopefully the sunshine won’t wake you up so early. You were still sleepy when you woke up, and spent over 3 hours being very grumpy before finally giving in and going back to sleep. I can’t blame your early waking up on you – it’s that naughty sunshine outside. But until we have blacked it out, pretty please at least go back to sleepies when you get into our bed. Our room is pitch black, so there’s no excuse for not going back to sleep. You did it yesterday and were in a fantastic mood all day.

Love you muchly, from a very sleepy Mummy xxxx

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