Pregnant and Puffy

Wow, it is hot! Today is the first day the heat has actually got to me. I’ve had cankles for a couple of weeks now, but have managed to keep myself cool and avoid the “I’m too hot” whining until today.

I woke up in a brilliant mood this morning. That mood was further reinforced when Mr Postman brought me a huge (and unexpected) delivery of Summer-time maternity clothes. It was reinforced further still when I got a cancellation Acupuncture appointment for this afternoon to help with my SPD.

I then decided to record a video of me fitting Sam’s new car seat, to show how easy it is…. what followed was 23 minutes of whale-like me huffing and puffing trying to fit the darn thing. Whoever said Isofix was easy to install clearly doesn’t drive a Vauxhall Insignia! In the end, I got Hubby to help and he did it – eventually.

I then hobbled round to my Acupuncture appointment & back home again, by which point I was feeling thoroughly overheated! I am now sporting cankles, a red face, and a beautiful heat rash from head to toe! The joys of pregnancy! What happened to blooming during pregnancy? I’m falling apart at the blooming seems!!

Tonight will involve a cold shower, then trying to chill out & deflate the cankles. How thoroughly Rock n Roll! I might have to crack open the ice, too – just to really push the boundaries of my epic Monday!! I have to say, despite all the drama, I am still feeling pretty cheerful under my heat rash!

I hope you’re staying safe in the sun and enjoying it more than I am!!

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