Syd is 4 and a half now. Until recently, her hair was down to her bottom. It was getting in her way though, and brushing it was becoming a real chore. As much as we loved her long hair, she kept waking in the night. She kept saying it was in the way, so it was time for it to go. I had donated my own hair to The Little Princess Trust before, so when we went to the local hairdressers… I asked Syd if she would like to give her hair to another little girl or boy who was poorly and had no hair. She said she would, so her hair was put into a pony tail ready to be cut off…

Donating Your Hair to The Little Princess Trust

Donating Your Hair to The Little Princess Trust - BEFORE

Firstly, her pony tail was chopped off. I couldn’t help but grab a photo of it before I popped it into the envelope to send it to the Little Princess Trust

Donating Your Hair to The Little Princess Trust - The Pony Tail

Pamper Time

Secondly, Syd was thoroughly pampered with a wash and head massage – she loved this part! Her stylist then set to work cutting her hair into a beautiful long bob. He then blew it for her, and the end result was….

Donating Your Hair to The Little Princess Trust - AFTER

A super cute long bob! I’m not sure whether Syd realised just how short her hair was going to be. She seemed a little shocked when she saw the final result…!

End Result

The End Result

It’s been a couple of weeks now since she donated her hair to The Little Princess Trust. Syd seems to have grown to like her new shorter hair. It’s definitely quicker and easier to do her hair in the mornings. Additionally, she doesn’t moan as much about knotty hair or her bobbles hurting her head. (The weight of her hair used to make wearing bobbles uncomfortable).

Super long pigtails vs super short ones

We posted off Syd’s hair the next day, so hopefully her Little Princess Trust certificate will arrive soon. I’ve donated my own hair to them before too – as has my brother. It’s a brilliant charity and I was so pleased Syd decided to donate her pony tail to them too.

I have been asked a few times if I cried when her hair was cut. Honestly… I didn’t! Mostly, I was thinking about how much easier mornings would be haha! I had really long hair as a child, and I was so excited the day I finally had it all cut off that I really couldn’t be sentimental about Syd’s hair. Plus, her hair grows as fast as mine, so I know it’ll be super long again before her 6th birthday!

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