Half Term Help

This week, LeapFrog have asked some parent bloggers to share tips on keeping the kids entertained during half term.

They have asked me to share a tip, too – ironic considering I have two babies and no school age kids. With that in mind, I have decided to share a nostalgic rainy day memory of mine from my school days – Dominoes.

You don’t see them much these days, but we used to spend hours on end playing with them.

They taught me to count, to match pairs, to build towers (similar to card towers). I used them to make the fence for my Sindy house, but most of all, DOMINO RALLY! Line those babies up and then watch them all fall down when you nudge just one.

I recall my sister being laid up in hospital with a broken leg, and us spending ages lining up about 3 boxes of them all round her hospital table. It took ages. Then after one nudge and 15 seconds of grinning, you start all over again.

Maybe challenge the kids to make a circle of dominoes and getting them all to fall down with one nudge? Or if they are older, get hardback books involved to use different heights. (Making them fall down a staircase of books was one of my favourite lay outs).

WOW. I really am a geek, aren’t I?!

If this blog post has sparked your nostalgic side, you can usually pick up a box of dominoes for about £5 in toy shops.

LeapFrog are sharing blogger’s tips for surviving the school holidays via their facebook page all week. Why not check them out if you’re stuck for ideas to keep your school age children entertained during half term.

Now….. as a parent to two teeny weenies, I’d like some tips for surviving the school holidays too. All of our usual haunts will be too busy, with the bigger kids there, too. School holidays means no soft play, coffee shops, swimming, as it is just too stressful keeping two babies happy (and safe) with so many school age children around. So, where do you go, and what do you do with your babies and toddlers during the school holidays? Answers on a postcard (or in a comment) please!

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