An Update On Life Without Social Media

I have officially lasted 5 days without using social media during the day.
I am still allowing myself half an hour a night to catch up with messages etc, but that’s it. My Facebook and Twitter access has been 99% reduced.

The first few days were hard. Mainly because I kept pulling out my phone to check on things, only to remember I couldn’t. It was definitely out of habit.
I have found the past 2 days MUCH easier. I even spent several hours on a different floor to my mobile today. This is unheard of.

Since I got my first iPhone (the 3G, in 2009) I have been addicted to social media. It has been refreshing being able to get on with other stuff instead.

Sydney seems to be loving the lack of social media in particular – she’s started copying the hand actions to songs I sing to her now. (I definitely didn’t do dodgy, cheesy singing and dancing pre social media ban).

I won’t lie, I am missing social media. The support I have had via facebook and twitter since becoming a mum has been amazing. I feel a little guilty too, that I am not there any more to return the gesture. If people want to get in touch, they can always message me though – I check DM’s, @ replies, facebook messages and notifications most evenings, so it’s not like I have disappeared completely.

I hope I haven’t missed anything important…!!

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