Many techy geeks like me, look forward to Black Friday the way that other people look forward to Christmas. It’s the one time of year where we know we are going to be able to get the best discount on the tech items that we have been coveting. So with that in mind, I’m sharing how tech addicts get the most from Black Friday.

This year is certainly a bit different due to the pandemic and the impact that it has had on home working and day to day life. Basically, if you can afford to; there is a little bit more justification for investing in a new laptop for the home office. Or the latest games console or tv for those days when you will be staying cooped up at home during the tiered restrictions that will be happening most likely after Christmas. 

How tech addicts get the most from Black Friday

Here are some of the ways that you can make Black Friday really work for you and potentially also help you gain a little extra money to help ease the January post-Christmas pinch. 

woman shopping for xmas gifts on Black Friday after learning How tech addicts get the most from Black Friday

Buy your big Christmas gifts now 

Put simply, waiting around for the better offer to potentially come along after Black Friday and nearer to Christmas may not be such a good idea – mainly due to stock. If a product is popular then it is most likely going to sell out once Black Friday weekend starts. I have learned this the hard way many times, especially when it comes to games consoles, mobile phones and TVs. Just look at the recent rush for the PS5. Get in there fast, save some money and enjoy your gains. 

Check your Drawers 

All self-respecting tech-head has ‘The tech drawer’. You know the one, full of old chargers, devices and phones that they haven’t used for years but somehow still keep hold off. Well, if your seeking to earn an extra few pounds and to declutter your home… loads of places will take your old phones for recycling. This allows them to allow them to have a second life with someone else as a refurbished phone. Nice! 


You can also look at gaining further discounts. Many sites offer exchanges for your old items, which means you can get a bit knocked off the cost of your new purchase. So again, it’s a great way to avoid adding to an e-waste pile. While saving some money towards the cost your new purchase. 

Cashback, baby! 

I am very behind the times when it comes to cashback websites. However, they are actually amazing for helping your earn money on your purchases. Especially the larger ones that you may make over the Black Friday Weekend. It’s all so simple to do as well, just sign up to a cashback website such as Quidco, click to the links to the sites where you wish to make your purchase and proceed as normal. The cashback amount will be added to your account for you to spend as you see fit. Nice! I cannot believe I never tried it before… But the pandemic really made me have to think about ways to save the pennies and I spent the pounds. 

So what about you, do you have any Black Friday money saving/making tips that I haven’t featured? If so, let us know below or continue the conversation over on our social channels. Finally, if this post on how tech addicts get the most from Black Friday has been useful, check out this post on where to find the best Black Friday deals



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