Black Friday has been the biggest shopping day of the year in America for a long time. In the UK, it’s definitely becoming more popular as the years go by. So with that in mind, today I am sharing where to find the best Black Friday deals. This year, I suspect it’ll be more of an online event, and that Cyber Monday will become a week-long event, covering both days.

Where To Find The Best Black Friday Deals

Traditionally, Black Friday is an in – store day of incredible price cuts. Historically, it involved people queuing overnight to get the best bargains. Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanks Giving, which is the 3rd Thursday in November. Now read on to find out where to find the best Black Friday deals.

Black Friday Deals In The Press

You can usually get a heads – up about great in store deals in the press.┬áis packed with some great examples of ads from previous years. It’s worth having a look, so you know what to look out for. Newspapers are usually full of ads, showcasing the upcoming deals in the week leading up to Black Friday.

You can also find information on Black Friday deals within in – store flyers and store magazines. Some discounts require a physical coupon to qualify, which can only be found in these locations.

flat lay of black paper shopping bags and an iPad saying "Black Friday sale".

Black Friday Deals Via Email

Make sure you are subscribed to the emails of any stores you are hoping to get a discount or deal from. Quite often, you’ll receive Black Friday alerts directly to your inbox, so you know what’s available, where. This had the added bonus of click and collect being available in many stores, so it saves you queueing overnight to secure the best deals.

Find Them Online

Nowadays, people tend to see most advertisements online. Similar to email, you may well see some incredible Black Friday previews as you browse the internet. This can be via the website you’re browsing, or via online ads. Black Friday (and indeed the month leading up to Christmas) tends to mean lots of online ads. So brace yourself for seeing that handbag you clicked on once, every single time you open your browser for weeks to come.

woman using laptop to see where to find the best Black Friday deals

Check Social Media

Even if you use apps rather than your web browser, you’ll find some great Black Friday deals on social media. Again, these may be visible via posts from retailers you follow, or via advertisements. It is definitely worth following the stores you are hoping to get deals from, so you don’t miss their promotions.

Use Discount Websites

There are many discount websites online nowadays, and I’m sure you already have your favourite bookmarked. Personally, I use hot UK deals, because you can follow specific key words. This means you get a notification every time someone shares a deal featuring that word or phrase. So if you’re looking for a “Nintendo Switch console”, you follow that phrase and get a notification each time someone shares a deal featuring that.

Via Word Of Mouth

The final way to find out about incredible Black Friday deals is good old word of mouth. My Aunt works in a supermarket, and gave me a sneaky heads up as to what would be included last year.

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