It’s no secret that I am a total geek. I can’t resist gadgets, especially stuff which kids can get involved with. So when I was asked to run a Buzz Retail Thunder Glow Drone giveaway, I was happy to agree! The Thunder Glow Drone has an RRP of £65. Read on to find out more about it, and how you can enter my giveaway.

Buzz Retail Thunder Glow Drone

My friend has a top of the range drone, so I am familiar with how they work. Her’s is much too fancy for the kids (or people with zero drone flying experience, like me) to play with though. I’ve been eyeing up a mid – range drone for a while, so the Thunder Glow Drone fits the bill on that front.

Buzz toys Thunder Glow Drone in the packaging

Here’s what Buzz Retail have to say about it…

The Thunder Glow is a medium size Drone with LED lights all around it. Including 6 axis gyro stabiliser, long range 2.4 GHz control, low/medium/high speeds and an automatic trim function. Includes: back to home and headless mode. The Thunder Glow is the newest addition to our radio-controlled range and are proving to be a lively and popular choice for both indoor and outdoor fun.

The Thunder Glow Drone is suitable for kids aged 8 and over, and it charges via USB. The device has LED lights, so it can be seen easier when in flight. With 3 speed settings, it’s great for beginner, intermediate and expert level drone users.

While I’d love to share a Thunder Glow Drone review with you, stocks are limited. So I opted for a giveaway rather than a review. I’m crossing everything the winner will confirm how epic it is, and then I can add one to the kids’ Christmas lists.

pinterest pin for buzz retail thunder glow drone giveaway

How To Enter

To be in with a chance of winning a Buzz Retail Thunder Glow Drone, fill in the Gleam form at the bottom of this page. (If you can’t see the form, click the link so you will be redirected to it).

Please remember that the comment entry requirement is mandatory, and anyone who fails to do this will not be eligible to win.

Additionally, this giveaway is only open to UK residents only.

Buzz Retail Thunder Glow Drone

Entry Question

If you win the drone, where will you take it for its’ first flight?


Buzz Retail Thunder Glow Drone

Finally, if you’re a fan of gadgets, my gift guide for gadget lovers is well worth a read!

210 thoughts on “Buzz Retail Thunder Glow Drone Giveaway

  1. If you win the drone, where will you take it for its’ first flight?
    to our local nature reserve where there is plenty of outdoor space and things to see

  2. If I win I’ll be letting my son keep it but he will probably want to take it straight to the big field behind our house!

  3. If I were the lucky winner, I would add it to my sons Christmas present pile. It would probably be Christmas Day that it would be opened, so it would only be flown around our cul-de-sac

  4. The rec ground behind our house to give it a test flight and get used to it and then down to the local valley/river and skim the treeline to see what we can see.

  5. My first flight would be in my garden, just to the hang off how to fly it before it goes out in public!

  6. We’d go outside in the communal garden, though if we go out front and lose control, the river may own it!!

  7. It’d be straight out in the garden for its first flight, I don’t think we’d be able to wait more than a few minutes to give it a try. The kids have been wanting a drone for a while now.

  8. I’d take it to our local country park, it would be a great way to see the parts we can’t reach on paths.

  9. Just to be safe, probably the garden first! Hopefully when we can be trusted the playing field opposite our house!

  10. We would take it to Apex Park which is our huge local park with loads of room to play for hours with this!

  11. We’ll take it to my mum’s garden as it really big – it would be great to do some practice there before we take it anywhere else!

  12. To our local park. The older kids would love playing with the drone, while the little ones feed the ducks x

  13. Wer really lucky in that although we live in the middle of an estate its surrounded by gorgeous countryside and we also have a fantastic park so we would be off to the reservoir fields (but not too close to the water lol)

  14. We would take it to Beverley westwood where there is plenty of open space for us to get used to flying it

  15. My sons gran stays in the countryside so we would take it up there and he can practice playing with it x

  16. I will be taking it down to our local park to try it out. There is plenty of space and we should be able to keep track of it!

  17. We spend lots of time in the Peak District, in the mountains. So this would be pretty cool to capture some incredible views!

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