App Of The Week Cow and Gate – Let’s Toddle

It has been absolutely ages since I did an app of the week feature,
but I decided the Cow & Gate Let’s Toddle app was worth bringing the
feature back!!

Sam has been on Cow & Gate milk since he was
around 12 weeks old, and he is more than happy on it. He also loves
their fruit pots & is partial to the Cow & Gate breakfasts too.

When I heard they’d created an iPhone app, I was somewhat confused, and wondered what lay in store.

It was free to download, and I must say – it’s a pleasure to use!

the app is somewhere to share and save all of your photos and memories,
but it also allows you to add customised frames, and to call Cow &
Gate with any parenting queries you have.

It is a very simple process, too.

Step 1: Choose A Photo (Either from your library or take a new one)!
Step 2: Choose A Frame! (There’s loads to choose from).
Step 3: Describe The Moment (Add a caption).
Step 4: Enjoy it! (You can choose to share the image at this point if you want to – Via Facebook, Twitter or Email).

love the fact I can send the images directly to Twitter, Facebook &
email recipients – and there is no cow & gate branding on your
image or the frames you can add. The images come through at a decent
size for cute keepsakes, but aren’t really big enough to order reprints

Here are a couple of the images I’ve added to the app & shared via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Another thing I love about the app is the way it saves your images.
You type in your child’s birthday when you set everything up, and it
records photos in folders relating to your child’s age at the time the
image was taken. (Like this):

you go into the folder of your choice, each individual image also shows
how old your child was when it was taken, and the date on which the
photo was taken too! This is another brilliant feature. Baby Brain is
rife with me, so I love being able to refer to the app to see when we
did such & such a thing!

app will show you handy hints, tips and suggestions on all things baby
related while it is loading things up, too – so you’re not left
wondering if the app has crashed while you wait.

The final thing the Cow & Gate Let’s Toddle app lets you do is contact Cow & Gate.
You can call their careline straight from the app to discuss whatever’s on your mind about being a parent.
You can also find advice from the experts and tips and support from other parents via their Facebook page too.

in all, the Cow & Gate Let’s Toddle app is well worth a download.
Whether you want a fun way to share your photos, the ability to share
your images across multiple platforms, or access to the Cow & Gate
careline, you can find it all here, for my favourite price! FREE!

give the app 9/10. Being marked down purely because you have to add a
frame. Sometimes just sending the image itself is enough.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post & I did not receive payment for completing it*

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