Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 18

Hello! Welcome to week 18 of Trendy Tot Thursday (or
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I usually share my favourite post from the week before here, but I haven’t had time to read them all yet, so I’m being rebellious and skipping it for this week! I promise I’ll read, comment and share all of last week’s post very soon, though! (I’m blaming hubby 100% – his birthday has thrown my schedule)!

Instead, I’m going to tell you all about a new UK company called Darlo. They sell organic, ethical babywear. Darlo’s different to other companies because each item you purchase buys a week’s worth of meals for a poverty stricken child in India. They don’t go up to toddler sizes yet, so I haven’t been able to buy anything for my two, but it’s worth a look if you’re pregnant or looking for a new baby / babyshower gift.

So…. getting back to this week. My outfits are San & Syd’s Halloween costumes!

First up, here’s their outfits from previous years…

Notice a theme…? Sam’s been nicknamed Batman since I was just 4 weeks pregnant with him – I was certain even then I was having a boy! In 2011, my sister bought him a cool Batman Romper for Halloween – I believe it was from eBay. In 2012, Sam wore a bat costume, while Syd dressed as a pumpkin… for 5 minutes, before she threw up all over herself! 2013 saw them dress as Batman and Robyn. Sam’s outfit was from Argos, and my sister bought everything to make Syd’s outfit. She had the skirt made, and the vest has a cape velcro’d to the back. I think she got that via Etsy.

Getting back to this year… obviously they had to be Batman and Robyn again! Sam wasn’t willing to wear a proper costume, so I put him in Jeans and a Batman top (with cape). Syd’s wearing another Robyn dress – my sister had this one made too! (Best Auntie Ever)!

They got loads of compliments at nursery for their EPIC costumes, as well as in the supermarket when we went to get some last minute goodies for the trick or treaters!

How cute does Syd look here? She’s such a poser!

She’s wearing her Red Mothercare boots, Green tights and a red Tee underneath her dress. She’s also got Robin bobbles – Another present from my sister!

So there you have it! Our Halloween edition of #TT_Thursday!

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