Read on to find out why I had to do the walk of shame at school… Yesterday, I dropped Sam at school as normal and then headed straight home. On my way back, there had been a huge accident on the motorway, and the opposite carriageway was closed. I kept an eye on it throughout the day and decided to leave to collect Sam earlier than usual to allow plenty of time to get there via the A roads, as the motorway was still shut.

The Walk Of Shame At School

School finishes at 3.10pm, and I left home at 2.10pm. It’s usually a 20 minute journey at that time. By 2.45pm, I hadn’t travelled more than a mile of the 11 mile journey. By 2.55pm, I was really panicking, so I phoned school to warn them I might be late.

A few weeks ago, I was literally 30 seconds late, and Sam’s bottom lip was trembling and he had full on tears rolling down his face, he was so upset I wasn’t there. This kept springing to mind as I sat in the gridlocked traffic, trying to think of alternative routes to my destination.

In the end, it was 3.42pm when I pulled into the school car park. I was over half an hour late. CRINGE! Time for the walk of shame! I walked up to reception and apologised to the lovely receptionist. She informed me Sam’s Teaching Assistant was bringing him down now. I braced myself for him to be really upset and anxious, but he was fine! Happy to see me, but not phased by his extra long day.

Home Time

It took us another hour to get home again. But at least I wasn’t stressed out and panicking on the return journey. Sam was hungry and a little impatient, but he was happy enough watching his iPad while we crawled along at 1-2mph.

Today, Sam had a doctor’s appointment, so it was 11am before he got to school. I don’t know why, but it really feels like the walk of shame when you get to school late, and have to go to reception. Does anyone else feel like that? Once I’d dropped Sam at school today, I went off for a sneaky coffee and cake fix, and indulged in a little kindle time to pass the time before I picked Sam back up. There was no way I was risking going all the way home again to come all the way back – 2 walks of shame in one week was more than enough for my liking!

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