It is no secret I have spent most of the past 18 months pregnant. I had Sam last June & by October I was pregnant again. Throw in 2 months of breast feeding & my poor body has been serving others a hell of a lot & is pretty run down at the moment & in need of some serious TLC.

Last time around, hubby treated me to a box of natural mum to be products, but they remained unused as I was hooked on the Boots mum to be range.

Last week, I found the box of natalia Vital Touch products & decided to give them a whirl.

All I can say is: “WOW”

As someone with stupidly sensitive skin, most products leave me with a red, prickly rash. The natalia prenatal beautiful body scrub felt amazing to use, it wasnt too harsh, removed my (many) dead cells gently & left my skin feeling rehydrated, soft and amazing!

I am not a girlie girl & my idea of a pamper session usually involves some nail polish, an emery board & a mug of cocoa. This line has changed that!

I climbed out of the bath feeling better about myself than I have done in a long time. The aromatherapy oils in this product did wonders to lift my spirits. It also smells pretty amazing too. I felt like I’d just left a spa!

I have a 60ml pot of the scrub, which will last for around 4 uses in my opinion. I shall be ordering the 250ml pot and treating myself to one luxurious bath a week for the remainder of my pregnancy!

The box hubby got me also contains anti stretch butter (30ml), leg refresher (60ml) and a 100% cotton flannel.

I am saving the leg refresher for when I get fat ankles (around 35 weeks into my pregnancy if last time is anything to go by), and I’ll be using the butter once my current pot of cocoa butter is empty.

But for now, my must have mum to be product is DEFINITELY Vital Touch Natalia prenatal beautiful body scrub.

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