I’m 33 now, and the roots of my hair are a beautiful mixture of Grey and White. Not the dark Brown I rocked for the first 27 ish years of my life.

Since becoming a parent, I have definitely aged. Whether that’s from getting older, stress or the almost total sleep deprivation, I can’t be sure.

It’s not just me though – hubby is rockin’ a bit of a “George Clooney in ER” style Grey look. I keep calling him a Silver Fox, but I don’t think he appreciates it! I don’t know why he’s complaining though – it’s not like he’s going bald or anything.

We were having a conversation last week about the stuff they don’t put in parent-to-be pamphlets… They never mentioned that breastfeeding would be more painful than childbirth, and they didn’t mention that tantrums are more common than hot cups of tea, either.

If I had to make a list of the five things every prospective parent should know before they decide to bring a child into the world, I’d have to choose:

1). Tantrums in public places are inevitable. It doesn’t matter how much you try to prepare yourself for them, you’ll want the ground to swallow you up.

2). The people who offer to babysit for you when you’re pregnant will all suddenly be busy for the next 16 years once baby actually arrives.

3). Holidays with children are not holidays. You’ll get more R&R at work than you will at Butlins.

4). Dry shampoo will be your best friend – and you’ll buy the coloured ones to help disguise your hair’s awful roots.

5). No matter how much you think you know about parenting, it will be a huge shock to your system. Do what’s right (and safest) for you and your family – Ignore Gina Ford and Super Nanny at all costs!

Which things do you think we should be telling all potential parents, to ensure they are fully informed about the joys of parenthood? Did I miss anything important? Other than the fact you may never get a full night’s sleep again – ever? And your hair going grey?

On that note, I’m off to the shops to stock up on hair dye, pro plus and dry shampoo!

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