Trendy Tot Thursday – Week 13

Hello! Welcome to week 13 of Trendy Tot Thursday (AKA
#TT_Thursday on twitter / instagram). If you haven’t taken part before, it’s worth reading my intro post to find out how it works.
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Last week, I loved the owlfit which featured in The Laughing Owls #TT_Thursday post. We all know I am a huge fan of this season’s mustard yellow colours, so this outfit ticked all the boxes for me! Little Owl looked beautiful.

This week, I am not talking about clothes in my trendy tot post, I am talking about hairstyles! I love playing with Syd’s hair and have been sharing some of her hairstyles recently. I wanted to blog about them, so figured I’d show them here…

This is my take on a love heart plait. Basically, you pop a ponytail in, push the hair tie up, through the back of the hair so the ponytail points upwards. Split the ponytail in two, plait both bunches and join them at the bottom to make the love heart. It literally took me 5 minutes to do this, and it stayed in all day.

This was my first attempt at front braids. Basically, you add sections of hair underneath the plait rather than over it to create this effect. (search front braid tutorial on youtube for a proper demo). It was a bit loose but I thought it was a cute effect, nonetheless.

Finally, I did 2 fishtail plaits earlier this week. Search fishtail plait tutorial on youtube to see how to do this. I LOVE Syd’s hair like this, and do this most days. It takes about 10-15 minutes to do, and I keep Syd still by putting Peppa Pig on. Hooray for the piggy!

So, that’s my #TT_Thursday post for this week. Hope you liked this different approach. I do like to mix things up now and again.

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