Autism and 3 Year Old Immunisations

Sam had his 3 year old boosters today. This is a stressful event for most children, but for a non verbal child with Autism, it can be hell. Sam’s 12 month immunisations were horrific. I blogged about what happened here, if you want to read it.  

Getting back to today… I have been ridiculously anxious about these immunisations for weeks. I rang the Doctor’s this morning and explained Sam’s autism and the fact he doesn’t do very well in busy waiting rooms. They told us to get there for 1pm and he would be seen first.

Of course, that didn’t happen as the roads were grid locked, so it was 1.20pm when we got there. It wasn’t massively busy, but I asked if we could wait in a side room. We were lead into the side room and waited for a couple of minutes before being called into the GP. (We were expecting a nurse to do the injections so this was good news). 

I had been telling Sam since this morning that we were going to see the nurse so he could have some magic medicine, and then we’d go to Legoland afterwards. I don’t know if he understood me or not, but he did seem calmer than usual in the surgery.

Sam’s GP was a paediatrician before becoming a GP, and he’s great. He talked to Sam and gently did one injection into his thigh while Sam sat on my knee and I held his hands. Sam screamed briefly but calmed down very quickly. The GP then did the 2nd injection in the other leg and Sam screamed a bit more but calmed down almost immediately. No plasters were needed and Sam was smiling 2 minutes later!

I was beyond relieved! I had dragged hubby with us as I was expecting all hell to break loose. We all headed to Legoland afterwards to let Sam have a happy memory from today. All told, it was by far our best immunisation experience so far to date. I’m so so proud of how well Sam handled it.

I hope your immunisation experience is as positive as ours was.

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