Appy Days – Moshling Rescue

Last Month, I downloaded Moshling Rescue to Sam’s iPad. He is mad about colours and shapes, so he tends to love games like this. (Think Bejeweled or Candy Crush). He never plays them fully, but loves looking at the shapes and watching the crashing tiles (gummies) when he does move the right piece.

I am a fan of these type of games too. They used to keep me occupied when I was up doing night feeds when Sam and Syd were tiny. I had a quick go of Moshling Rescue on Sam’s iPad and then promptly downloaded it to my iPhone!

As you’d expect, the levels get harder as you progress. You pick up boosts which help you on your way, and you rescue Moshlings when you complete some of the levels. This game is different to other games of this type in a couple of ways… firstly it’s free to download and there is no in app advertising – a HUGE plus for me!

Secondly, within some of the games, there are moshlings stuck inside paths (shown below). Your missions change each time, but include things like collecting 50 yellow gummies in 25 moves to free the Moshling. This adds another dimension to the game, and kept me interested longer than I expected because of this new angle.

As you’d expect, you have the option to connect the game to facebook so you can challenge friends. The game is available on iPad, iPhone, facebook and google play. You have the option to purchase extra boosts if you want to, but I class this as cheating, so never do.

If you’d like to see the game in action before you download it, have a look at this video.

If you like a game you can pick up and put down again 2 minutes later, this is ideal for you. Each level takes a few minutes, tops. This makes it perfect for busy parents. I was very impressed with this game, even more-so because it’s free!

This is not a sponsored post. I played, I liked, I shared – simples!

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