App of the Week – Runmeter

This week, I am loving the Runmeter iPhone App.
It is currently £2.99 in the iPhone app store.

The app is a GPS tracking device which will record any outdoor activity you do (Walking, Jogging, Cycling etc).
It plots your journey on a map and records your location, time, elevation, distance and speed.

You can start new activities, or if you regularly follow the same
route, you can select a pre-used route to try to improve on previous

The app tells you how many calories you’ve burnt and can be synced
with Twitter and Facebook, so people can follow your progress. The app
will even read any comments or @ replies back to you as they come in –
great for a bit of motivation, or for hubby to check you’re ok.

The main feature I liked was the fact twitter followers or Facebook
friends can click on the link to see on a map exactly where you are at
the time of your tweet. (You can set it up to update every half mile or
KM, or just at the end of your activity if you prefer).

I thought this was a brilliant way for hubby to be able to check I’m
ok when out exercising without him having to ring me and disturb me.

I love how it tells you how long you were actually walking for – and how long you were sat drinking coffee for haha.

There is a competitor feature too, which allows you to compete with
others using the same route – I am yet to try this as I’ve only used the
app when pushing Sam’s pram.

We stopped to feed the ducks and to have a coffee in the park’s Cafe –
but it is very accurate – you can even see where we fed the ducks and
stopped for coffee if you zoom in enough – there are big blue splodges
where we’ve been walking around in a small area for quite a while.

The app has a calender, which all of your activities will be saved
onto so you can check back on your progress whenever you like.

I think this app is £2.99 well spent, and I will definitely be recommending it to friends.

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