How much tech is too much?

I love technology. I love gadgets. I love the internet and all things social media. These things are common knowledge to anyone who reads my blog regularly. What I haven’t confessed before is just how much I loathe the amount of tech in our house now.

It is getting ridiculous. Everywhere I look, there’s a charger plugged in. It takes forever to get the telly on now as I have to flick between half a dozen TV inputs to find the Sky connection. I long for the days when you had one very easy to use remote to flick between TV channels. Now we have a different remote for the TV, Sky box, Apple TV, DVD Player and each console too. It’s like the
Krypton Factor just trying to figure out which remotes I’ll need to
watch the news.

I’m 30 now, and feel like I’m already turning into one of those annoying parents who has to get their kids to do techy stuff for them. I remember my mum driving me mad getting me to set VideoPlus+ to record Corrie for her while she was at work. (Remember VideoPlus+)? Those random numbers after each TV show in the TV guide? You typed them in on your VCR and it would record the show for you.

After years talking OAP’s through setting up MMS on their phones, I feel like such a failure having to get hubby to sort the TV out for me. I am still blaming him, though. If he didn’t insist on having half a dozen things running through the TV, maybe I could manage it alone – EMPHASIS ON MAYBE!

Another side effect of having so much tech is slower internet speeds. I’ve been comparing the best broadband deals
this week, to see if we can improve the situation. Honestly… I’m not
hopeful! Hubby works from home and has several computers on the go at
once. This slows things down massively for the other tablets, phones and
laptops trying to use the interwebs at the same time.

Am I the only one who wants to throw the remote controls out of the window at least once a day?! Why has nobody invented a TV with SKY and Apple TV built in yet? Maybe I’ll have to pitch that idea to a Dragon…!!

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