Dear Birthday Fairy

Dear Birthday Fairy, I’ve got a pretty important birthday coming up, so I thought I would make you a list of gift ideas – you know – just in case you’re in need of suggestions…..

Firstly, I’d like a day off. Yep. 24 hours to be Tina, not Mummy. Not necessarily ON my birthday, but I’d be very grateful if you could make that happen.

Secondly, I’d like a lie in. I’m not greedy, though – I am willing to combine my lie in with my day off mentioned above!

Thirdly, I’d really appreciate a holiday. I quite fancy experiencing Winter Wonderland at Center Parcs – if you can manage that, I’ll make sure you get a slice of my birthday cake!

Just in case my top three gift ideas aren’t something Birthday Fairies can achieve, I have been snooping for ideas online. The Best Gift Company kept me busy for ages. A shiny new iPad, and a new iPad case  would definitely be welcome in my Birthday haul.

If you would rather avoid the cliche of Jewellery, then I’d welcome a Spa Day. Or even a Gym Membership (as long as it has a creche)! 

If my gift ideas have been a bit extravagant, then I apologise. Feel free to buy me a packet of chocolate digestives, a box of PG Tips and give me the night off – with the remote control in my hand! 

Actually. Forget the remote control. I’d really like a bit of peace and quiet for my birthday. Run me a bubble bath, light a few candles and let me wallow in there for a few hours, with a good book for company. (Maybe you could dig out my Harry Potter collection from the loft – or even my Twilight Collection. Hubby put them “somewhere safe” in the attic – I’m sure he can point you in the right direction(!)

I think I have probably taken up enough of your time, dear Birthday Fairy. Thanks for reading. 

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