Back in 2010, one of my best friends was getting married. I was honoured to be her chief bridesmaid, and took my job of planning my best friend’s Hen Party very seriously. We decided that the bride to be and 5 of her closest friends were going abroad for 3 nights. I then spent hours and hours looking at hotels, flights, destinations and reviews before we decided that 3 nights in Ibiza was just what we were looking for.

Planning my best friend’s Hen Party

We booked 2x triple rooms in a hotel, then I booked flights separately, determined to save money wherever possible to allow for extra spending money – cocktails were life back then! 

planning my best friend's Hen Party - cocktails lined up on a bar

Back in 2010 a lot of holiday companies went bust, and I was relieved I had made sure we were covered by ABTA. 

Booking My Best Friend’s Hen Do

Once the holiday was booked, I turned my attention to what we would get up to while we were away. The bride to be wanted 2 relatively chilled nights and one messy night – her actual “Hen Night”.

I set about coming up with hen party games and challenges for us to do at this point. This involved me creating and then printing off a fun scavenger hunt for us all to complete… I don’t have the original document any more, but the idea was we all got into pairs and between us, the ones who completed all 20 challenges the fastest won.

Planning My Best Friend’s Hen Night Activities

Challenges included things like asking a stranger for a piggy back… Finding an old guy and asking him if he had a condom you could have, asking a DJ to play some Barry Manilow etc. We had to get photos of the challenges as they happened too – it was all very serious haha!

Between the 6 of us, we decided on a fancy dress theme of builders, and I set about sourcing costumes for us all….

planning my best friend's Hen Party - dressed as builders


We decided on plain T-shirts, denim shorts, High Vis waistcoats and hard hats… The hen had a pink one and the rest of us had white. We wrote building site type roles on them all too… Gaffer for the bride to be, Foreman for the rest of us! On the back of each High Vis vest, we wrote funny nicknames for each other. I was Tiny Tee…. Ironic because I am 5 foot 10, and the tallest of the group.

One of the most exciting items I sourced for our shenanigans were our drinks holsters – pictured above… They were like tool belts but had a cup holder on each side. So we could put our drinks in them and carry on with the hen party games hands – free! (Rule number 1 is never leave your drink unattended, so these were a game changer)!

Keeping costs down

Aside from the items mentioned up to this point, everything else we got up to cost pennies. There’s loads of hen party and wedding favour ideas under £1 out there. I bought us the obligatory Hen Party badges, willy straws, some inflatable boobies for the bride to be… Just because I thought it would be hilarious for her to be huge chested for the weekend. I also bought her an inflatable boyfriend who we called Naughty Nigel. She had to carry him everywhere with her! He was only about 50cm tall though – I’m not mean enough to make her carry a full size one around!

planning my best friend's Hen Party - my Hen Do T-shirt

Printed T-Shirts

We also got ourselves some T-shirts printed, to wear on the flight to Ibiza and back to Manchester. These were a brilliant idea as we only had our 10kg hand luggage to get all of our stuff in, so it saved us taking separate outfits. We paid £7 each for them and they were a brilliant addition to our adventure.

When the weekend eventually rolled around, we were all insanely excited. Me more than everyone else though, as unknown to everyone else on the hen party, it was also MY hen party too.

My Big Secret

Hubby and I had booked our own wedding and were tying the knot a week after we got back from Ibiza. Hubby and I aren’t really ones for fuss, and we decided a big wedding really wasn’t for us, so we booked it and kept it quiet.

Our plan was that after the Hen Party, we’d ask Emma (The bride to be on the hen party) and her hubby to be if they’d be our witnesses. I got drunk in Ibiza though, and blabbed to her early. I think it’s an understatement to say she was shocked. Thankfully she said yes though! I am happy to report the hen party went off without a hitch. We all had an amazing time and I reckon I earned my “Maid of honour” badge! Hopefully Emma – the bride to be agrees with me on that!

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