I blogged last week about trying to fit in some “Me time“. Or treating myself now and then because I need to look after myself as well as the kids (and hubby)! So today I’m sharing how I got on when spending some time with me, myself and I. Read on to find out what I got up to.

Me Myself and I

Lush facemark I bought for me myself and I time

This week, I splurged on a BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask in Lush. It was £6.50, and has to be stored in the fridge. I used to use face masks twice a week, religiously before I had the kids. I don’t think I’ve bought one since Sam was born, so this was a real treat.

I used to use The Body Shop Seaweed clay stuff, but when I saw this (at half the price) I decided it was worth a go. I’m glad I did. My skin still feels really soft tonight, after applying it yesterday.

I really enjoyed my 15 minutes of total nothingness in the bath last night. I’m also looking forward to making this part of my regular routine again, moving forward. I’ll definitely be buying this again.

Statement Necklaces

I have also been doing some browsing online, looking for outfit ideas for my cousin’s wedding in June. While I haven’t found anything to wear yet, I have been sent a couple of possible necklaces to go with my outfit…

The necklace on the left (GWB3362A-G) is part of the Metal Metallics collection. It is a heavy piece, and one you’ll definitely know you’re wearing. The metal necklace is covered with dozens of individual chain links, which wrap around, pretty much covering the necklace. It looks really industrial, and almost custom made. If I am honest, I’m not keen on the ball pendant. I don’t think it goes well with the style of the chain. I am planning on taking this off though, and using the piece as more of a casual item of jewellery. It’s very individual, and goes well with my staple look (skinny jeans, tee, boots and biker jacket). It has an RRP of £30.

Super Statement Necklace

The piece on the right (GN60178-XX) is also part of the Metal Metallics collection. It is a striking piece of jewellery, and definitely a head-turner. Each “snake-like” drop is separate, so they all and catch the light as you walk. The longest drop is around 3 inches, so it is a very eye catching piece of jewellery. The 3 “snakes” which have gemstones embedded add some extra sparkle to the piece – it’s definitely a conversation starter. The chain is 16 inches long, so it’ll sit nicely either under a low cut top or on top of a halter neck style top. With an RRP of £30, it’s a lovely piece which I think will definitely get plenty of attention.

I also spent a few hours at my friend’s house this week. She did my nails for me, which was a lovely treat. Her poor husband must have made me 4 cups of tea while I was there!

I’m not sure what treat(s) I have in store for this week, although I am thinking a new book may well be on the agenda…!

Finally, I have to ask… Do you ever spend time focusing on just me myself and I?

Until next time, folks!

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