Stationery for Bloggers

I don’t get to spend much time in our home office any more. Once upon a time, I used to work full time from there. Then I had babies. When Sam was small, I still spent many evenings in there, blogging away.

Syd doesn’t really do much sleeping, so I tend to blog (like now) with my laptop on my knee while she has a nap next to me. The office is the warmest room in the house, though. (Mostly thanks to hubby’s huge collection of gadgety things).

I realised when I went in there to look for a pen last week that my half of the office has lost all of its character. There was mostly piles of post, review items and blank cards (I like to buy them waaaay in advance these days). I am a bit of a stationery junkie. I love the stuff. My collection has all but disappeared though.

I want to treat myself to a couple of notebooks to jot down blog ideas. (You know – the retro, PAPER kind of jotting, not the “sticking it on a note on my iPhone kind).

I usually do this on my phone, but it has started running out of charge by mid afternoon, so it is getting harder and harder to do.

After doing some online window shopping, here are my favourites. The Waldo Pancake 1970’s style laptop is definitely on my “must buy” list! The “Ideas for Tweets” one made me laugh out loud too, though. (I am guilty of writing tweet ideas as notes on my iPhone). When I spotted the “My first meme” colouring book, I almost choked on my cuppa! I have no idea what’s inside the book, but I want one now, just so I can see for myself!

Of course, I will need a new pen to go with my snazzy new note books. Alas, being a leftie means I am restricted to ballpoint pens, as I just smudge ink all over the page, otherwise. At least hubby can’t moan when I pick up a pack of blue bic pens to go with my new notepad collection, hey?

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