Coming Soon… ROBIN

In case you missed the announcements on Facebook and Twitter last week:

Sam is going to be a big brother!

Baby number 2 (Robin) is due on 30th June 2012!

I had my 12 week scan last week & all is well.

My blogging silence of late has been caused in part by my main pregnancy symptom to date: tiredness!

I have avoided the dreaded morning sickness for the most part so far – thankfully!

I have to start my daily clexin injections on Christmas Day! (lucky me)!

Sam turns 1 on 4th June, so the age gap between batman & robin will be around 12 – 13 months.

So yep: in a nutshell, it’s going to be crazy, and I’m probably insane.
BUT I am stupidly excited too!

From me, hubby, Batman & Robin… Merry Christmas!
(or season’s greetings if you prefer)!
Stay safe & enjoy the festivities!!

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