I love Acupuncture

When I was pregnant with Sam, I suffered horrible hip pain from around 16 to 35 weeks pregnant. Then something popped and I was loads better! During the painful times, I was having Acupuncture most weeks – My local PCT covered the cost. It helped me enormously!

This time around, I did much better – I got to around 30 weeks before I started getting any pain. This time it is in my groin, pelvis and hips, and much worse as it isn’t constant. If I move suddenly or awkwardly, I get agonising shooting pains. It is known as SPD, and common in pregnancy. It is worse at night in bed, or when I have got my feet up.

I tried paracetomol and co-codomol but they didn’t work. The co-codomol actually just made my baby bump sleep. I asked my GP for a referral for acupuncture and she looked at me like I was crazy. I explained how much it helped last time, and in the end, she agreed.

I had my first session 2 weeks ago, but got minimal relief. I had my second treatment yesterday, and I feel like a new woman today! I am still achy, but I am not in pain as such. Put it this way – I loaded the washing machine this morning for the first time in about 3 weeks. I also managed to get up off the floor in less than 15 minutes after changing Sam’s nappy.

My Acupuncture treatment for SPD involved 3 needles being inserted into the skin just below my bikini line. They were left in place for 15 minutes, while I lay on a treatment bed. After 15 minutes, they were removed and I left feeling much the same as I had when I arrived. Today is a different story, though!

I am not a hippy or hugely into alternative therapies as a rule, but acupuncture has definitely helped me, and I would recommend it to all mums to be suffering with SPD. My PCT also offers acupuncture as a form of induction – much better than pessaries and drips in my opinion. I live in Swinton, Manchester so fall under Salford PCT. I’d definitely ask your own midwife if acupuncture is something yoor PCT offer though.

If you do decide to try acupuncture, remember it can take upto 6 sessions before pain relief is successful. I am told induction is much more effective, though.

This is not a sponsored post – I am just sharing something which I have got a lot from!

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