Sydney go to sleep

Sydney is now 12 days old.
She is exclusively breast fed and refuses to sleep anywhere except on me.

tried her in her Moses basket, cot, 2 baby swings and her baby bean
bag. The longest she has gone is 30 minutes when I put her into the
swing after an epic 90 minute feed. That was a one off. She is usually
awake and screaming the house down after 2 minutes. She won’t
sleep next to me in bed so we can’t even co-sleep. I have tried putting
her down asleep, awake, swaddled, covered, uncovered, on her back, front
and sides.

I know babies like cuddles etc, but the past three
nights, I haven’t slept more than an hour in total each night. I have a 13 month old Son as well, so
sleeping when Sydney does during the day isn’t an option. Even Ewan the dream sheep doesn’t seem to comfort her.

I know I keep going on about breast feeding lately, but it’s hard work. They never put this stuff in the leaflets. I am so tired now, I am seriously considering throwing in the towel. At least if I were bottle feeding, hubby could do the odd night shift to give me a break? I keep reading that the first week is the hardest. I am not finding it any easier as of yet, and I am not enjoying it, either. I am too tired to enjoy much at all at the moment. I love her to pieces, you understand? I’d just love a bit of sleep, too!

All advice on how I can get her to sleep in her Moses basket or cot is much appreciated.

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