Today I’m asking: Do you believe in fate? Up until today, I have never given much thought to fate or the “natural order” of things. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that we have been struggling to find Sam a special needs school place for over a year now.

None of our closest 3 Local Authorities could offer Sam a place, so we had to look even further afield – to Rochdale (11+ miles away from us). We were finally offered a place at a Special Needs School which is actually less than a mile from my childhood home, and where my Mum still lives today.

This afternoon, we went to view it. Based on today’s visit, the school appears to be everything we hoped for and much more besides! Sam spent an hour in his new classroom, and had an amazing time. Hubby and I were shown round by the headteacher and made to feel very welcome by every single person we met.

Do you believe in fate?

On our way home, we were sat behind a lorry with the REG: “LET 17 8E”. I am a huge Beatles fan, so the licence plate felt like a message from the world, telling me to let go of the anger, frustration and stress. So that’s what I’m going to do – as soon as Sam has a start date, anyway!

We’d never have been offered this school place… If we hadn’t had all the knock backs and bumps in the road. For me personally, it kind of feels like the universe is pushing my back to my family. Towards the town my Father grew up in. Where my Mum still lives, and where lots of my relatives and friends live as well.

I doubt we’ll ever move back there… However, it seems kind of fitting that Sam will be going to school in the same town where his grandad was educated. My Dad never met Sam, but I know he’d have adored him. My Dad was the most patient person I have ever met, and he was the calmest person too. I can imagine my Dad and Sam being inseparable.

After well over a year of feeling angry, frustrated and let down by the system… I am finally feeling optimistic about the future.

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