DaddyGeek has reviewed the SodaStream Fizz, as he is the biggest fizzy drink fan in the house! Here’s what he thought…

For those of us at a ‘certain age’, the very mention of SodaStream will bring back childhood memories.  Throughout the 80’s it seemed like most households had one at some point.

Over the past couple of years, SodaStream have once again become more popular – fresh, funky designs and an array of flavours have helped.  For many people though, SodaStream is chosen because you no longer have to fill your shopping trolley with litres of fizzy drinks, nor store them in the cupboard.  There are environmental benefits too – each small bottle of concentrate is the equivalent of 12 litres – around 6 large bottles.  That’s a huge chuck of plastic saved.

Now, on to the machine!  We were sent a new model – the SodaStream Fizz for review.  This model includes a Fizz Chip which tells you how much fizz you are adding, as well as how much is left in the gas cylinder.  This not only allows you to make sure you don’t ‘over fizz’, but also helps prevent running out of gas at the most inconvenient time.

The first thing that surprised me was that it requires no electric or batteries – I guess we have become used to our kitchen gadgets needing a plug handy.  Setting up was easy, involving simply removing the back cover, screwing in the gas canister and replacing the cover.  Replacing the canister is the same, the entire process taking no more than 30 seconds. (The video below shows how to do this).

For some reason, my childhood memory had me adding the syrup before carbonating, however now you carbonate the water, then add the syrup.  One 1 Litre SodaStream bottle is supplied with the pack, however you can buy additional bottles if required (a pack of two is roughly £10).  The bottles feel strong, and I would expect it to last well.

So, the drinks making process works as follows – you fill the bottle with water (tap water, in our case), press the button on top of the machine to flip out the holder, then screw on the bottle.  Once it’s secured, you can let go of the bottle and press the lever on the front until it buzzes – you can see the water being carbonated during this process.  Once carbonation is complete, simply unscrew the bottle. The Cell shows you how carbonated the water is becoming.

There are 3 levels of fizz available to suit your personal preference.  We also found that chilled water carbonated better – so I’d recommend keeping it handy in the fridge ready for use.

With your freshly carbonated bottle, you now add the concentrated syrup.  Each small bottle of concentrate contains enough to make 12 litres, and the RRP is around £2.99.  Simply fill the cap and *slowly* pour in the syrup – do it too fast and you’ll have some mopping up to do as it fizzes out everywhere! That’s all it takes to make a litre of fizzy drink – the whole process, from carbonating to adding syrup takes no more than 2 minutes.

This video shows how to insert the gas cylinder, carbonate the water, add the syrup and how fizzy the drinks are:

Now, the taste test!  We were sent Cola Zero and Diet Lemonade, however
we purchased a few others to try too.  The Lemonade tastes great, and is
no different from the likes of Sprite or 7UP in my opinion.  The Cola
doesn’t taste like ‘Coke’ or ‘Pepsi’, but I found it preferable once my
palette had adjusted.  I drank the SodaStream Cola for a few days before
buying a Coke whilst out one afternoon and found it too sweet.  I would
say the SodaStream Cola is very similar to Red Bull Cola, for those of
you that have tried that.

Other flavours include Dandelion & Burdock, Apple, Energy and Orange
– all of which were comparable to their shop-bought equivalent.  If you
prefer flavoured water, SodaStream now also offer flavourings to make
sparkling flavoured water too.  Also available are Root Beer, Green Tea,
Cherry and a fair few more – though I didn’t test those.

TOP TIP: When your Gas Cylinder has run out, take it Argos to exchange it for a new one for just £9.99 – this is £10 under the RRP and it means your old cylinder is recycled, making it even more environmentally friendly!

Our rubbish bin is definitely emptier since we have been using the
SodaStream Fizz, and MotherGeek has a whole extra kitchen cupboard at
her disposal now it isn’t filled with litres and litres of fizzy drinks.
Cost wise, once you have your machine, the syrups at full RRP work out
at 25p per litre, and if you get 60 litres per cylinder of gas, that’s
17p per litre in gas. So Each litre of SodaStream drink works out at around 42p – much cheaper than Supermarket equivalent and much tastier in my opinion.

In summary, the SodaStream is very handy, cost-effective and easy to
use.  We’ve stopped buying bottled drinks altogether now and use the
SodaStream for all fizzy drinks – giving us more space in both the
fridge and the cupboard! Whilst the Cola flavours might not be to
everyone’s taste initially, you may find you prefer it after a while, as
we did.  All the other flavours we tried stacked up well from the
outset. I give it 5 out of 5 and have already recommended (and demonstrated it) to friends and family.

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the SodaStream Fizz to review, but all words and opinions are my own

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