When I was a child, there were several toys which were placed on my letter to Father Christmas, but he never brought for me… I was told the first 2 items were not for girls. The third item was definitely a girl friendly toy, but Santa still never brought it. That item was a Sylvanian Families set.

When I was asked to review the Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Twins Set earlier this month, my 7 year old self was doing cartwheels. (In my head, anyway).

When the set arrived, I made this unboxing video (mostly so I could have a little play before the kids got their hands on it).

The set has an RRP of £9.99. Before it arrived, I thought that was a little high for such a small toy. Once it was out of the box, I realised I was wrong. The attention to detail on the pram is amazing. There is some beautiful detail on the sides of the carrycot section, the lace trimmed hood, pram insert and blanket are beautiful too.

The wheels on the pram actually turn as you push it, and the two rabbits come dressed as well. One wears yellow pants, while the other wears a pink dress. The rabbits themselves don’t have moveable limbs, and their heads are fixed in place too. They fit nicely into the pram, and don’t fall out when you push it along. As you can see on the photo above-right, both rabbits have “o” shaped mouths. This allows them to actually hold the dummy and bottle accessories in their mouth. (Pictured below).

The set also includes 4 small accessories – a bottle, a dummy, a rattle and a tiny toy car. These are really small. (I decided they were too small for my two yet, so kept them to one side for when they are old enough to look after them). The detail on them is amazing. Considering how small each of them is, (around 1-2cm each) there is lots of detail. The bottle and dummy have clear teats, the bear rattle has a cute face, and a top with a collar painted on it, and the toy car has different coloured wheels. When you consider the quality and detail, I think £9.99 is a very good price to pay.

The Babies can both hold the bear and car accessories easily, and the dummy and bottle can be popped into their mouths too. The set has an age recommendation of 3+ which I think is fair. The included accessory pieces are small enough to get stuck in ears and nostrils in my opinion, so you may want to put these somewhere safe if (like us) you’re not 100% certain your child can be trusted. Both rabbits have removable outfits, pictured below!

I give the set 5/5 and highly recommend it. I have already bought Syd a Sylvanian Families house for Christmas, so I am looking forward to seeing the twins set inside there with their Chocolate Rabbit family on Christmas Morning!

Enough about me, though! What did the kids think? when I gave the set to 2 year old Sydney, she immediately said “Baba Babbit” She then spent the next hour pushing the pram (with the babies in situ) around her highchair tray!

When I showed her that the rabbits came out of the pram, she squealed with delight, and asked to get down from her highchair. She then played on the floor with them. She put them to bed in her Happyland Doll’s house and popped them into Peppa Pig’s car to take them for a drive. They have been very well received by Syd, and I think she is going to love the large Beechwood Hall set I have already got her for Christmas.

When 3 year old Sam saw the Chocolate Rabbit Twin Set, he giggled and said “baba baba”. This is a pretty epic response from Sam. He has autism, and doesn’t speak much. The fact he knew what it was, and acknowledged it was a good sign. When he eventually got a chance to play with it, he took out the rabbits and pushed the empty pram along the sideboard, making brum brum noises as he went! I think it’s safe to say they both approve of the Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Pram Set!

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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