I’m a huge fan of the Canary Islands. So much so, I seriously considered moving there before the kids were born. Of all the islands, Tenerife is the one I have visited the most. However, today I am focussing on the smallest of the tourism – heavy islands… Lanzarote. Read on for help working our which resort is best in Lanzarote. I’ll explore family friendly resorts, young and lively areas and romantic spots for couples, too.

Which Resort Is Best in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is around a 4 hour flight away from the UK. So it is the perfect choice for all kinds of holidaymakers. It’s favoured by families, couples and the elderly, as well as young adults. Read on to find some ideas on where to stay in Lanzarote, based on your party dynamics.

Family Friendly Resorts

Costa Teguise is a great choice for families. It’s got a fab water park as well as some wonderful beaches. Playa Jabillo is a sheltered beach, with golden sand and shallow water. So it’s perfect for young children. If you prefer a livelier beach with plenty of activities for the kids to partake in… Playa Las Cucharas is the one for your family.

Quiet family friendly beach - which resort is best in Lanzarote
Panorama of a beautiful beach and tropical sea of Lanzarote. Canaries

Leaving the beach for a moment, there’s also an aquarium and golf course in Costa Teguise. There’s also a good variety of restaurants and shops to keep the family fed and watered. I’d definitely consider Costa Teguise if you’re looking for a family holiday in Lanzarote.

Best For Couples

If you’re looking for a quiet, romantic holiday in Lanzarote, definitely consider booking an adults only hotel or villa. That way, you’ll be able to unwind without little ones dive bombing into the pool, or screaming in the restaurant. When it comes to choosing a resort for a romantic break, it’s tricky. Some couples will want to soak up the all inclusive goodies and not leave their hotel. Alternatively, other couples will want to get out and explore.

So rather than specify a particular town to visit, I’m going to share a romantic activity you can consider, instead. If your holiday happens to coincide with a moonless night, then stargazing is a wonderful way to spend an evening. Peñas del Chache lookout is located to the north of Haría. You’ll need a car to reach it, but it’s well worth the effort if you want a quiet spot to enjoy the stars.

Young And Lively

Puerto Del Carmen is the place to go if you want a young and lively Lanzarote holiday. There’s plenty of adult only hotels, so you can avoid the children while nursing your hangovers. Additionally, there’s no shortage of cocktail bars, night clubs and dancing to be found there in the evenings.

Group of happy friends having fun dancing at the hotel swimming pool with cocktails
Group of happy friends having fun dancing at the hotel swimming pool with cocktails

If you’re looking for a young and lively holiday which isn’t quite as crazy as Playa De Las Americas on the neighbouring island, Tenerife… Puerto Del Carmen is perfect. Head down to Avenida de las Playas, and the party will carry on late into the night. There’s a casino too, if you want to try your luck.

In Puerto Del Carmen, there’s plenty to do during the day as well. From the marina, you can head out on submarines or try your hand at scuba diving. Alternatively, head down to the beach to find golden sands, banana boat rides and watersports at your disposal. There are plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants to keep you fed and watered too. Don’t expect a crazy holiday like you’d find in Ibiza, but there’s plenty to keep you entertained here.

Finally, if this post has helped you decide which resort is best in Lanzarote, check out this one for five ways to stay safe when travelling.

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