Junior Book Club Linky – 27th September 2012

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This week, I am reviewing: Raa Raa’s Quiet Time.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know Sam ADORES Raa Raa the noisy lion. It is definitely his favourite cBeebies show. Therefore, we bought him all of the books as soon as they were released. To be honest, he never really paid them much attention – until this week.

I have been reading a story to the kids before their afternoon naps for a while. Earlier this week, Raa Raa’s Quiet Time was the book of choice. I sat Sam on my knee (as always) and began reading. I was amazed to see that he was smiling and touching his favourite characters in the book, as I was reading out their “lines” from the show. (The book follows the plot of episode 1 of Raa Raa the noisy Lion, and Sam must have seen it 100+ times) – I told you he’s a fan.

He was definitely associating the line I was reading with the relevant character in the book.
This particular story puts a lot of emphasis on being quiet (so they don’t scare away the butterfly), so it is ideal for pre nap or bedtime reading.

The images are bold and match with the TV show, so any Raa Raa fans will love them. The board book is also chunky enough for small hands to grip and turn the pages easily. The “LOUD” words are shown in large writing too, and Sam definitely seemed to like these words the best.

I think the Raa Raa books are brilliant, and Sam would definitely give them a huge thumbs up. They will make great stocking fillers for any Raa Raa fans.

Raa Raa’s Quiet Time has an RRP of £4.99, and is a Board Book. It is published by LadyBird. The ISBN is: 9781409312598. The book measures: 170 x 170mm and has 18 pages. It was first published in Feb 2012.
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