The waters broke, and the baby emerged. If you are a new father, you are likely amazed at the wonders of the woman who just created a human. If you are a new mother, you might be asleep right now. Both parents will have experienced the joy of seeing a new child enter the world and be overwhelmed by those feelings of love at first sight. How can you mark this moment? How can you celebrate such monumental feelings? Here we offer you some unique ways to celebrate the birth of your child. Read on for ideas and suggestions of ways to mark this incredible occasion. 

Special ways to celebrate the birth of your child

When I became a mum, I was so overwhelmed by the new dynamic of our family unit that I forgot to immortalise those early days. I didn’t take any family photos of our son with both of his parents. I regret that massively now. Read on for some ways to celebrate the birth of your child.

Capture the baby’s fingerprint

Baby fingerprint jewellery is such a smart way to celebrate the beginning of the life of your child. Our prints are our unique mark, and no other human shares the same loops and swirls. Capturing this mark and then having it laser engraved onto gold and silver will be so precious. For new dads looking to offer a gift to a partner, this piece of jewellery could have extra-special resonance.

Fingerprints can be engraved into rings, necklace charms, bracelets and more. Wherever you go, when wearing your new piece of jewellery, you will feel connected to your child.

Baby castings of hands and feet

What is so incredible about a newborn baby is the sheer smallness. The fingers are toes seem impossible tiny, as if this is a minute replica of a real human being. You might find yourself spending hours marvelling at the little person’s digits.

newborn baby feet - ways to celebrate the birth of your child

Consequently, capturing these small hands and feet in a baby casting could be a unique celebration of the new life. You can buy the kits from the high street or off Amazon and do the modelling yourself. It takes little time, but it is entirely worth all the effort. You can then mount the castings in a frame on your wall, labelled decoratively with the name and date of birth of your child. 

The casts will provide a forever marker for how small they once were and how much they seem to grow – and so quickly too.

Portrait photographs

Alongside your mounted baby castings, you could also hang a professional picture of your newborn baby. Many parents wait until the baby can sit up and interact before seeking the services of a photographer. However, you will lose so much time and change by waiting.

It is essential to get a specialist in newborn photography. The littlest of people look pretty wrinkled and banged up by the birth. Therefore, you need someone with special skills to capture the beauty and abundance of cuteness wrapped up in the baby. They will skilfully use lighting and props to give you the most delicious image, which can then be printed on a canvas for your wall.

A moment of togetherness

When you have just had a baby, everyone will want to visit. You won’t feel up to it, and many will be polite and give you the option of saying no. However, you also want to capture the moments of greeting with a grandparent, aunty and uncle while you have the chance. If you wait too long, then the photographs won’t have the same resonance.

Why not organise a welcome party for your new baby. The gathering need only be for your closest friends and family – those people who will be in the life of the child forever. You can then make the moment of saying hello extra special. You will find that the invitees will also bring vital supplies, which will be a godsend when you cannot even be bothered to get dressed!

And a moment alone

However, despite the desire to show off your little person, you also need to carve out time for yourself, your partner and your baby. You need a moment of quiet amid the chaos. You cannot take for granted that this time will come, so you have to make a conscious effort to create your moment alone.

Set aside a time when you sit alone with your new baby in a quiet room. You should close the door and settle into a chair. Make skin to skin contact with your little one and just enjoy the silence. All your senses will be keenly focused on this experience. Consequently, the memory of your time alone will be seared in your mind. It will be like an oasis of calm in the sea of chaos. 

You can buy all sorts to celebrate your new baby. However, what you will soon learn is that time is your most precious gift. It will fly by, and if you don’t stop to notice, some moments may be forgotten. Finally, if you’re curious about how my labours went, check out Batman’s birth story

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