Back in 2009, hubby and I did a full home refurbishment. We opted for Black High Gloss in the kitchen, which for a professional couple with no children and no pets was a great choice. Fast forward 9 years, and now we are parents of two children AND two boxer dogs. The high gloss units survived two pregnancies. two years of night feeds, dozens of toddler tantrums, sticky fingerprints, and the kids’ first days of school. Unfortunately, life with two boxer dogs was more than they could handle. That’s right… the dogs destroyed them!

The units the dogs destroyed

The dogs destroyed the cabinets

Yep…. The dogs have smashed into the doors once too often, and they have now been ripped well and truly off their hinges. (The kick boards were pulled out in the chaos, too). SIGH! The area around where the hinge attaches to the doors has split. So now the hinge won’t stay in place, meaning the dogs destroyed the doors. We can’t attach the hinges and have the doors opening the other way, as there aren’t spaces for the hinges to sit that way on the appliances.

As much as we would love to be able to get rid of the black high gloss and replace it with something brighter, which is easier to clean, and which wouldn’t show up every mark, we can’t afford to do that right now. Instead, we will just replace the broken kitchen doors. I’ve already sourced some at a great price From Kitchen Warehouse.

Good News

The good news for us is that when we do have the money, we don’t need to buy kitchen units – We will be able to just replace the doors and end panels. I have blogged previously about my grand plans for the kitchen – I want to add a family room extension to the back of the house, and really open up the kitchen into a bigger, brighter space. I’d love something like these Ivory units, minus the glass ones. (Nobody needs to see my mis-matched cups)!

Dream kitchen - the dogs destroyed ours

Our kitchen is a fairly decent size already – we have plenty of cupboard space. At the moment, our appliances are all built in. While this creates a beautiful, sleek look, we have found it a complete nightmare when it comes to appliances. Built in appliances just aren’t as efficient, and they cost a lot more than their freestanding counterparts. With that in mind, I think we would probably have a freestanding American fridge freezer, a freestanding washing machine, dryer  and dishwasher. This will save money both on the cost of appliances, and having fewer doors to replace.

For now though, we will manage with what we have. The cost of replacing the two broken doors is £130, plus P&P – definitely cheaper than replacing the entire kitchen! I just hope the new doors don’t make the older ones look awful…!

Have your dogs (or kids for that matter) done any serious damage in your house? I could write a book on our boxer dogs’ exploits…!! Perhaps I should add that to my insanely long to – do list… Perhaps the royalties could pay their keep, and replace all the stuff they destroy. I’ll definitely be giving that some thought…!

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