I’m almost 35 now, and over the years I have had plenty of good and bad hair days. I thought I would share some of my biggest hair fails. Including the high (and low) lights of my hair adventures on my blog, as I prepare myself for my next hair adventure…. embracing the grey!

Biggest Hair Fails Of My Childhood

When I was a little girl, my Mum seemed to think a half – head fringe was the way to go. Seriously – it was so big, it took over half of my head… Wasn’t I a cutie…! (The point where my bobble is is the point at which my fringe ends…. Honestly! 

biggest hair fails - young girl with fringe starting halfway back on her head.


By the time I was 11, I had gone from having hair so long I could sit on it, to having a shoulder length bob and yet another awful fringe! (You may have noticed my daughter has never had a fringe – my horrific fringe days are the reason for that!

Biggest Hair Fails of Adulthood

I pretty much kept the same haircut until I was about 25. It was long, straight and had a centre parting. It was always down and straight. Sometimes I had a few layers in it, and occasionally I got really “wild” and clipped in some awful coloured extensions. Definitely one of my biggest hair fails! They were cut badly and make me cringe now when I look back! The red ones I am wearing here are a good 2 inches longer than my layers so hang down really obviously when I push my hair behind my ears…..

biggest hair fails - clip in pieces

Biggest Hair Fail of Motherhood

Once I became a mum, I decided to have a “mum cut”. I had a good 12 inches chopped off, and donated it to the Little Princess Trust. (You can read more about that experience here)… I regretted it immediately, and was once again reminded why I should NEVER EVER EVER have a fringe. I’m definitely pulling my best “what was I thinking” face in this photo…

biggest hair fails - mum hair

Every Cloud…

The great thing about my hair though, is it grows REALLY QUICKLY. Once I turned 30, I became a bit more experimental with my hair. After 30 years with dark hair, I finally had my hair bleached and then immediately toned down to a lighter brown / copper. It literally took the entire day to do, my hair is so thick! I loved this colour and cut though – I think it’s my favourite ever….

biggest hair fails highlights

After having the highlights, I decided that I wanted to go for a bolder, more in your face copper – red colour and this happened…..

biggest hair fails - lovely copper hair

I absolutely loved this colour, and if it hadn’t been so hard to maintain, I’d have stuck with it. Unfortunately, after several washes, I went from the above, to this….. Definitely not the colour I wanted!

biggest hair fails - when copper dye fades to carrot orange

Curly Girly

It was about this time I decided to ditch the GHD’s and embrace my curls. My hair was becoming dryer by the day, and I didn’t want to completely break it. I switched from copper to red and hated it. My mum died a week after I went this colour and I had to look like this for her funeral. I felt like a beacon and wanted the ground to swallow me up the entire day.

biggest hair fails - red curls

Since then, my hair has been various home dye shades of brown and black, and fairly long with shorter layers cut through to reduce the bulk. I love my curls now, and haven’t used my GHD’s in well over 3 years, but my roots are more grey than anything, so I have decided it’s time to try going grey next. Watch this space, as I will share what happens next month when I get a full head of highlights and then opt for a grey toner – EEK!

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