A few weeks back, I had the boiler at my new house replaced. So with that in mind, today I am sharing the reality of replacing the boiler at home. I’ll be explaining the process, how I decided on a tradesperson and which boiler I opted for.

The Reality Of Replacing The Boiler At Home

Back in September when I took on our new house, I discovered a gas leak. The leak was to the exterior of the property, but Cadent were out quickly and isolated it. Within 5 working days, the leaky pipe had been replaced and my gas supply was ok again.
Unfortunately for me, they disconnected my Gas supply and left me without central heating or hot water. I had to pay for a Gas engineer to come out and reconnect it. Once this happened, we realised the existing boiler wasn’t working correctly. I paid out £300 for it to be serviced and repaired, but it broke again within hours.

Time To Replace It

At that point, I decided replacing the boiler at home would be the least stressful option. So I set about researching boilers, working out my budget and looking into potential tradespeople to carry out the work. I asked a few friends how they’d gone about it, and several different methods came about…
Firstly, one friend said she had googled boiler installation Leeds to find the company she opted for. Another friend said she had just gone with someone from the phone book, while the third friend used a company recommended by a friend. In the end, I asked several companies for quotes to install my chosen boiler.

Which Boiler Did I Choose?

The boiler I went for was a Baxi Platinum 28. There were several reasons for this… Firstly, it comes with a ten year warranty. Additionally, as a mid range boiler, it was good value for money. Finally, several of the tradespeople who provided me with quotes recommended it.

Installation Day

Up until installation day, I had been making do with the gas fire in the lounge to provide heat downstairs. Once the engineer arrived, he explained the gas supply would be off all day, so the fire and oven were out of use. While this wasn’t a problem, I wished I had known in advance, so I could have layered up. The engineer arrived just after 9pm, and was working until almost 6pm to get it done.

Engineer working on replacing the boiler at home
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Honestly, I thought this was a long time for it to take. When my Mum had her boiler replaced, it was moved from the kitchen to the bathroom. That took less time to do than my straight swap did. I’m not complaining though – the tradesman did a great job. I’d take a high quality installation over a speedy, corner cutting one every time.

3 Weeks Later

The boiler has been in for 3 weeks now, and I am happy with how it’s performing. The hot water isn’t as hot as I am used to, but that’s the downfall of moving from a house with a hot water tank to using a combiner’s boiler. The total amount I paid for my Baxi Platinum 28 Boiler installation was £1700, including labour and removal of all waste materials. Finally, if this post has been useful, why not check out more of my refurb blog posts here.

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