A lot of modern devices are set so that they change the brightness automatically. Even with this, there is still a shortcut that will help you to boost that even more. If you want to find out how to make your phone screen brighter, then simply look below. 

How To Make Your Screen Brighter 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re struggling to adjust the brightness of your electrical device’s display. If so, read on to find out the best way to optimise your laptop, monitor, smartphone or tablet.

How To Make Your Computer Screen Brighter

The easiest way for you to boost your PC’s brightness is to find the brightness icon on the keyboard. This usually looks like a sun, and it can often be found over the F1 and F2 option. The F1 key will usually dim the display and the F2 key will make it brighter.

If you have Windows 10, you will be able to change the brightness through the Action centre. This is a square icon that is on the far right-hand side of your taskbar. Essentially, this is a slider that gives you the chance to change the brightness of your screen as it stands. This is ideal if you like to play at an online casino, or any other gaming site for that matter and want to see the colours as bright as possible.

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Apps that Boost brightness

If you have an Android device then there are so many apps out there that you can download. When you do, you will soon find that you can change the brightness level with ease. If you are stuck with where to start, then you might want to download the Lux app. This lets you customise the display and the minimum and maximum brightness. The Lux app also lets you make changes depending on the time of day as well. This is a huge help at times.


If you have a Mac computer then you can download a brightness app. It’s called Brightness Slider. When you have it installed, you can then control the brightness right from the menu bar. The app gives you the chance to change the intensity of the backlight. Additionally, you can completely customise the look of the screen, too. The feature is designed to cut down on the blue light of the screen. So if you do this, then you will be given a less intensive brightness.

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When you use the shortcut key for brightness on a desktop computer, brightness issues may indicate a problem with the calibration. The great thing is that Windows 10 has a calibration wizard. When you open this up, you will be able to change your display. Additionally, you can also make it much more suited to your requirements.

Do you feel as though you just can’t get the result you want? This could indicate that it is time for you to change your monitor or even your device. It may be that your battery isn’t enough to power the device. Or it may be that you need a much newer screen in general, so keep that in mind.

Finally, if you have found these tips on how to make your screen brighter useful, check out more of my geeky posts here.

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