Last year, I asked the question, “Why are fashion dolls so skinny“? Since then, I have spent a lot of time looking at different dolls available in the UK. One collection of dolls in particular jumped out at me – Barbie Fashionistas. The range includes plus size dolls as well as tall, petit and standard sized fashion dolls. With prices starting from £9.99, the Fashionistas dolls don’t break the bank.

plus size dolls - Barbie Fashionistas range

Barbie Fashionista Fashion Dolls

Barbie Fashionistas are definitely the most diverse brand of fashion dolls I have found so far. The range has 4 sizes of dolls – Original, Tall, Petite and Curvy. As well as different body shapes, the Fashionistas range is made up of dolls with different skin, hair and eye colour. their face shapes, hair styles and length also varies. Brilliant, isn’t it!

When I spotted one of the Curvy dolls on the sale rack recently, I couldn’t help but buy her so I could compare the Curvy and Original dolls for myself…

plus size dolls - Standard vs Curvy Barbie side by side

I mentioned in my previous post that Barbie’s figure never bothered me very much. Yes, she is thinner than most people are, but she still had curves. The “Curvy” Barbie definitely looks more life like though. Her neck is shorter, her limbs are more shapely and her waist and hips are bigger. I think it’s fair to say “Curvy Barbies” count as Plus Size Dolls. She has a pear shape figure, and definitely looks a lot more like me than “Original Barbie” does!

Plus Size Dolls

One thing which did surprise me was that the Barbie Fashionistas dolls don’t have posable legs – they are solid plastic and don’t bend like Barbie doll limbs used to. The Curvy Barbie’s awkwardly bent arm makes dressing and undressing the doll a bit tricky for young children as well. I assume the low price point means a cheaper made doll, but I can’t be certain as we don’t have any of the high end Barbies yet? I hope it’s not just a deliberate feature for these Plus Size Dolls.

My Thoughts

I like the idea of there being a range of dolls available in all shapes and sizes. I’ve got 3 sisters, and none of us look the same. I love the fact the collection offers so many different hair, eye and skin colours too. Maybe I need to get one of each Fashionistas body shape, so I can compare them all and see how they all look side by side – what do you think? Is that something you’d be interested in seeing?

I would love to know your opinions on “Curvy Barbie” – Is she really necessary? Is it great that Mattel are producing a wider range of figures now, or do you think kids will still want the original doll anyway?

Disclaimer: I have seen a few websites refer to the “Curvy” Barbies as “Plus Size dolls” – I don’t actually think the doll looks any bigger than a UK size 14 – which is not plus size in my book! 

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