Dear so & so

Dear so & so….

I know Sunday is meant to be the day of rest, and you have every
right to go to Church & worship if you want to…. But do you REALLY
have to park on the pavement outside the church & not leave enough
space for me & my pram to get by safely?!
Yes – this 5 month pregnant lady with a bad hip had to dice with death
& play traffic roulette pushing the pram on the busy road to get
around your rover.
There are plenty of side streets near the church – park on one of those!!

Dear so & so…
I may look like crap today after next to no sleep, skipping putting make
up on & shoving my hair up in a clip, but that does not mean I
would EVER want to go out for a drink with you, your spotty face or your
junkie gurning! And FYI: when you get turned down by a pregnant lady….
Asking her if she knows who the Dad is will NOT improve your chances!

That’s all for now!!

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