If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll already know that I love Christmas. For us as a family, it’s all about making memories and spending time with your loved ones. We aren’t religious, so it’s not really a traditional affair for us. We don’t go to church or pray, but we do embrace all things Father Christmas related. Once again this year, we’ve been reviewing portable North Pole.

What is Portable North Pole?

Portable North Pole (which is known as PNP for short) is an online service. It allows you to make personalised videos from Father Christmas. There are 2 free video options available, or you can opt to buy a pass, which gives you access to more video templates, if you prefer.

The two free portable North Pole videos are much shorter than the premium ones. There’s a free adults video template and a free children’s one. This is the free children’s video we made to show you how it’ll look…

It’s super cute, but the premium videos offer a much more personalised and magical experience in my opinion! If you opt for the premium videos, you can either pay £2.99-£3.99 per video, or pay £10.99 for an annual pass. This allows you to make unlimited videos for an entire year.

The annual pass also gets you access to 29 audio or video calls, which can of course be personalised. You can also download your videos in HD, plus you get 24 cute holiday video stories within the Portable North Pole mobile app advent calendar. I loved the new Behaviour Update Video, which allows you to show your kids well in advance if they are on the naughty, nice or not quite decided yet list.

The Reaction Recorder within the portable North Pole app is brilliant too. You can record your child’s reaction to their video from the front facing camera, and treasure it forever! This year’s new videos are all really cute. My favourite was The Magic Carousel…

Lifetime Portable North Pole Membership

If you’ve got a few children, it might be a good idea to opt for the new lifetime pass. For £26.99 you can make unlimited videos for the next ten years! That works out at £2.69 a year – almost 80% off the cost of the annual pass and less than the cost of making one premium video a year! We made our first Portable North Pole videos in 2013, and we’ve made them every year since. We have reviewed the annual pass some years (like this one), but we’ve paid for our passes several times as well – it’s a worth while investment, and definitely one of my favourite Christmas traditions!

portable North Pole

Holiday Games and Activities for Kids

This year, the portable North Pole mobile app kids section has some fun games and activities to keep little ones occupied. If you’ve bought the magic pass, they can count down the days until Christmas with PNP’s special Advent Calendar videos. Your little ones can turn themselves into an elf or a reindeer… With a little help from Santa’s sELFies picture  – Who doesn’t love an augmented reality overlay)! They can also play the Talking Elf game, receive a voicemail from Santa and more. Not got the app? Feel free to check out Santa’s Village on the Portable North Pole website! You’ll find even more activities that will help to keep kids smiling this festive season.

Supporting Children’s Hospitals Around The World

Since 2012, portable North Pole has donated More than 0,000 CDN to over 50 children’s hospitals around the world. They do this to help spread a little extra cheer to those who may need it the most.

portable North Pole

PNP’s Children’s Hospital Program donates five percent of all online sales proceeds to help sick children around the world. The hospitals in the UK which receive some of this money include:

  • Barts and The London Charity for the Royal London Children’s Hospital, London
  • Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Birmingham
  • Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Manchester
  • Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, Glasgow
  • York Hill Children’s Hospital, Glasgow

All things considered, I think it’s fair to say that PNP is a fantastic Christmas tradition to have. I love that there are videos aimed at adults as well as kids too. Who doesn’t love a mischievous Christmas Elf, after all!

Have you made a PNP video? I’d love to know what you thought of your portable North Pole experience!

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