After years of feeling pretty useless, I feel like I’ve turned a real corner this past week. For the first time in a long time, I feel motivated and inspired to get up and get stuff done. On my blog at any rate, but baby steps are fine, yes?

Back in 2011 – 2013, I spent pretty much every spare minute blogging and absolutely loved it. Then my depression kicked in and I lost my mojo. I ticked along and posted here and there, but for the first time in years, I have found myself WANTING to blog this month. So the word of the week is motivated!

word of the week - motivated

Word of the week –┬ámotivated

Once the kids have been deposited at school, I have set up shop with my MacBook and written for hours. I’m happy to report that I have enjoyed it, too!

I thought that making the transition to self employed and earning money from my blog would put pressure on me to write, and that I’d end up resenting it, but so far…. I am loving it. I’m sure my mojo will dip during the school holidays when I have to juggle the kids and writing, but for now…. all is good.

I have spent hours reading other people’s blogs too. I’ve shared the comment love and got lots of new ideas for blog posts – including this post… Word of the week is a linky I found, which is ran by The Reading Residence. I love the idea of it, and will definitely be joining in more often moving forward.

I’m still exhausted of course… Sam’s had me up at daft o’clock most mornings this week, but I have pushed through it with the help of plenty of caffeine!

So there we have it – My first word of the week post! Thanks for reading! Why not join in here:

The Reading Residence

Finally, why not check out my other lifestyle posts here.

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