I’m probably showing my age here; but way back in the early 90’s, Puppy Surprise was on my Christmas gift list. I never received one, so I was super excited when we were sent one to review earlier this month.

Puppy Surprise Luna

The 2017 version has an RRP of £27.99 and is suitable for children aged 3 and over. The “Mummy” dog we received is called Luna. She is a soft toy with a velcro pocket on her tummy. The surprise part of the toy is that you don’t know until you open her up whether you’ll get 3, 4 or 5 puppies.

Rather than spending ages explaining how it works, I made this unboxing video so you can see for yourself…

As the video shows, one of the included puppies barks. The batteries come pre installed and are not changeable. After 11 days of use, the puppy’s bark is still going strong.

Our Puppy Surprise had 3 pups inside and they all looked different.

I loved the attention to detail…

Puppy Surprise

As you can see, the boy pup has a blue bow on his neck, and the girl pups have a pink bow. Their ears are all different shapes and they have different noses, sparkles parts and body colours.

Luna – the Mummy dog also has a glittery face. Her collar and dog tag are not removable but they are super cute.

Puppy Surprise

There are other Puppy Surprise “breeds” available. Each has a different name and look – which is your favourite?

Puppy Surprise

Later this year, Just Play will be releasing Jungle Surprise, and Kitty Surprise is already available to buy. I suspect Syd will be beside herself when she finds out about Kitty Surprise – she’s definitely team cat!

All told, we really like the Puppy Surprise set. My daughter is 4 and my son is 5. Both of them have spent time putting the puppies into the dog and then taking them out again. My daughter loves to play vets with the set. Before it arrived, I thought the £27.99 price tag was a little high, but after playing with the set, you can tell it is well made, and not a cheap teddy type set. I’d definitely recommend Puppy Surprise to others. Finally, check out more of my reviews here.

We were sent the toy to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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