Favourite Childhood Toy Meme

A Mummy Too has created a meme for us bloggers to share our favourite childhood toys.

This is a no brainer for me. My favourite was definitely PC Popple.
No idea why he has that name, but he was my favourite from being around 3 years old (in 1986)! They roll up into balls – not wuite sure why but I loved that as a kid! PC Popple suffered a hellish haircut when I was about 7, but is otherwise in fab condition!

I still have him now – and his Wife (Mrs Popple) who I *may* have stolen from my big sister! In fact, I gave the two of them a spin in the washing machine recently – look!

They now live in Sam’s bedroom, on his shelves with the rest of his toys.
I wonder if he will love them as much as I do…?

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