I was recently sent a Roku LT to review, and I have to say it is pretty clever. We have apple TV, so the concept of streaming players was not a new one in our house.

DaddyGeek set it up in the bedroom. He said it was really easy to set up and connected easily to our wifi, but you have to put in your payment details before you can use it. He wasn’t too keen on this. Your info is pin protected, but if you’ve got older kids, it might be an issue.

The device itself is a purple colour, and very small. It measures just 84mm x 84mm x 23mm and weighs a mere 85g. I took a photo of it with an iPhone next to it for comparison:

The Roku LT takes about 60 seconds to boot up once you plug it in, and it is designed to be on all the time (It doesn’t use much electricity). The remote works really well – even when the box is out of sight.

We have had a good play with some of the apps, and it does work really well. Here’s a run down of some of our favourites:

1). PLEX – This allows you to stream video content from your computer or server so you can watch it on your TV. Hubby said it was straight forward to set up too. (We use Macs, so I don’t know if it would be just as easy on a PC). Videos buffer quickly and the quality is excellent. It looks just as good as it does via our apple TV in my opinion. My only niggle with this app is the layout isn’t very easy to follow, but the search function is great – as long as your videos are saved with proper file names!

2). BBC iPlayer – If your house is anything like ours, the kids tend to wake up the very minute your favourite show starts. Being able to catch up while tucked up in bed (not disturbing Hubby’s viewing) is a big plus for us. It works brilliantly on the Roku LT – buffers quickly and the quality is great.

3). Tune In Radio – this is a directory of local radio stations from across the UK. It made me laugh no end listening to some of the random stations. It doesn’t have all the major commercial networks, but there’s plenty of smaller stations to keep you going. It is clear and easy to use.

4). Netflix – If you’re already a member, you just sign in and away you go. If you’re not a member, you get a free 1 month trial. You can stream TV shows and Films straight to your tv. It is fast, reliable and the picture quality is great.

The Channel Store is the place to go to add more to your Roku LT. There are apps for everything from classic films (Moonlight movies is a free app which lets you watch old skool 1930’s films in exchange for you sitting through 2 minutes of adverts first). There are also news apps, weather and social media access too.

All in all, the Roku LT is a great little gadget. If you like streaming videos, then it is a must buy. You can watch your home movies (which are saved to your computer) on your big screen too!

As I said earlier, we have Apple TV as well. Apple TV is a little easier to navigate and the remote control feels sturdier. The search function on the Roku is better though, and the fact it auto updates is a huge step up from Apple TV. (I hate turning that on then having to wait ten minutes while it updates)!

All in all, we like the Roku LT. It’s a great gift idea for the gadget loving guy in your life. And for an RRP of £50, it’s a bargain compared to Apple TV! I have given it 4 out of 5 purely because the colour is a bit scary, and because you have to put your card details in to use it. Other than that, we love it!

For more information on the Roku LT, click HERE

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