I’ve been married for 8 years now, and it feels like forever ago that my husband asked me to marry him. To be fair, it was 2 children ago, so I have lost a lot of sleep between then and now. His proposal came totally out of the blue, and I wasn’t even half expecting it if I’m honest. He asked me to marry him the day before Valentine’s Day and I didn’t consider it as anything other than sweet. An online friend said the other day that she thought proposing at Christmas was cheap. Her reason being: you don’t have to buy a Christmas gift. I was completely taken aback. What do you think?

Proposing At Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas, and I think finding an engagement ring in my stocking would be the cherry on the top of an already wonderful holiday. To be honest, if we had gone down the big wedding route, I’d have opted for a Winter Wedding for sure. Probably mid December though, rather than over the Christmas break itself.

I really don’t understand how someone going to the trouble of planning something like this could be seen a cheap – how adorable is this…?

proposing at Christmas

If that’s what proposing at Christmas looks like, I’m in for sure!

Getting Married at Christmas

Proposing at Christmas is one thing, tying the knot in December is quite another. I love the idea of a Winter wedding. Imagine a red velvet cape like the one Belle wears in Beauty and the Beast over your wedding dress – beautiful!

I always loved the idea of dressing an Olde Country House up with Holly and Mistletoe. Saying I do in the crisp, December air sounds perfect to me, too. Notley Abbey would definitely tick those boxes!

proposing at Christmas
Image courtesy of bijouweddingvenues.co.uk

I spotted Notley Abbey when a friend sent me the link to bijouweddingvenues.co.uk/ – She is looking for potential venues for her sister’s wedding, and was asking my opinion. Imagine serving hot mulled wine to your wedding guests in the courtyard while you were having your wedding photographs taken? Bliss!

proposing at Christmas

The idea of an intimate, candle lit ceremony and reception has always seemed really romantic to me. What do you think?

Pro’s Of Proposing At Christmas

There are some definitely pro’s to proposing or getting married at Christmas… Firstly, it’ll be pretty hard to forget that anniversary. Secondly, chances are your other half is far too busy stressing about Christmas to suspect you’re planning anything. Thirdly, and nerves beforehand will be dismissed as Christmas stress.

Do’s and Don’ts of proposing at Christmas

I’m not expert, but a friend’s other half once hid an engagement ring inside a pair of bath towels, which he saved for her last gift to open. She went crazy when she thought her “main” gift was towels. Don’t do that! It definitely spoilt the moment when he had to bang on the bathroom door and explain what he’d done.

proposing at Christmas

Definitely don’t put the ring in the Christmas Pudding – if she breaks her tooth on the diamond, or worse still… swallows it, the moment will be somewhat tainted!

You could pop the ring box into her Christmas Stocking. Or go for a walk after Christmas Dinner, and get down on one knee in the crisp, fresh air?

I’d love to know your thoughts on proposing at Christmas.

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