Daily Clexane Injections – What Joy!

My name’s Tina & I’m a junkie….
OK – I’m not lol, but it feels like that at the moment!

I found out when I was carrying Sam that I have a blood clotting
disorder – My blood is too thick so I am stupidly high risk of getting
DVT or blood clots during pregnancy.
They gave me Innohep when I was carrying Sam – an injection I had to
self administer into my thighs every day until Sam was 6 weeks old. It
made me look like a battered wife I bruised so much.

This time around, I have been given Clexane – It is basically the
same drug, doing the same job except I have to inject it into my tummy.
(Poor Robin)!

This is what it looks like pre injection…..

I basically have to pinch an inch of flab & then plunge the needle straight into my tummy flab & push the plunger.

When I remove the needle, a plastic tube drops down to cover the needle over so I can’t stab myself en route to the sharps bin.

I started injecting myself on Boxing day & have to do it every day until Robin (baby bump) is 6 weeks old.
It’s a big fat pain in the arse, but so far so good – My tummy is
nowhere near as bruised as my legs were when I was injecting the innohep
last time – guess that’s because my tummy is flabbier though haha!!

Up to now (after 6 injections) I have one tiny purple dot but no actual bruising – result!!

Assuming Baby arrives on my due date…. only another 210 injections to go….. *sigh*
Could be worse though, so I’m not moaning (much)…!!

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