Night Time Nightmare

Since Sam was about 10 weeks old, he has had his bath at 7pm, followed by a story, bottle & been asleep in his cot by 8pm.

The past few weeks, Sam has started falling asleep before his bath time.
So on Sunday, we decided to move bath time to 6pm in the hope of him
going to sleep when he wants to & us not having to disturb him.

Sunday night saw him throw an almighty tantrum in the bath, then
refuse to settle at all until gone 10pm. He then slept til 5am, had a
bottle & went back to sleep until 9am. (He usually wakes for a
bottle between 3-5am then sleeps until 7am).

Monday night saw a tantrum in the bath followed by one brief crying
spurt at 7.30pm & then him sleeping until 5am, having a bottle &
sleeping until 7.30am.

Last night, however saw him happy in the bath, he then settled
easily, but woke up at 1.10am wanting to play. He then had a tantrum
when I tried to get him to go back to sleep. It took until around 3.20am
to get him to go to sleep again, and he then slept until 7.15am. (He
had a drink of water while he was awake, but not milk).

So now I am confused – Have I cocked up his routine forever?
Where do we start with trying to get him to sleep properly again?
Is it all just a series of unfortunate events?
(He seemed like he was teething on Sunday Night, but was fine on Monday & last night).
Do I stick with the new routine or go back to the old, later bedtime?

Advice please…!!

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