When you work from home, organisation is really important. With that in mind, today I am sharing some ideas to help with getting organised when working from home. Read on to find out how I make life easier for myself.

Getting organised when working from home

When you work from home, the biggest headache each year is doing your tax returns. So for that reason, I have a big pinboard which I have large envelopes pinned to. I put any receipts directly into the envelope to keep them safe. Additionally, I number them and then input the receipt number onto a spreadsheet as soon as I sit down. This makes tax returns much less painful.

Making Phone Calls

Making phone calls when you work from home can be tricky. When the kids are home from school, or the dogs are barking, it can be a challenge taking business calls at home. It’s one of the only times I miss the convenience of working in a traditional office setting. Installing phone booths really does make it easier to have a private conversation. I wish there were space for one at home.

Setting Up Your Desk

When it comes to setting up your desk, you need to make sure you have space for everything you need. For me, that’s just a laptop, space for a drink and somewhere for my phone to be charged. If you need room for folders, stationery and such like, make sure you take those into consideration when you’re choosing a desk. Additionally, Desktop computers take up a lot of space, too, so it’s worth considering space limitations when upgrading your technology.

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Time Management

Working from home is great in many ways. You do have to be disciplined though, and actually work when you say you’re going to. I tend to work from 8.30am to 3 pm and then again once the kids are in bed, when necessary. When I am sat at my desk, I am in work mode. No social media or distractions, (in theory, anyway). The reality is I am quite easily distracted, so I have to work extra hard to remain focussed. Mealtimes are another area I need to be strict with. If I am absorbed in work, I frequently don’t eat lunch, but then overeat later on. I have a reminder on my phone now to eat, which helps remedy that issue.

Time Off

When you’re self-employed, you have to plan ahead and make sure you get all of your work done ahead of any planned time off. If you’re employed but just work from home occasionally, this is perhaps different for you. When kids are poorly, you may be forced to drop everything to take care of them. It’s important you notify anybody who is expecting to see or hear from you that day, so they know you’re unavailable. The same applies when you’re too poorly to work too, of course.


Making sure your work environment is clean and uncluttered is important for my production. A cluttered desk or office leaves me feeling distracted and like I need to sort that before I can work.

Finally, if these tips on getting organised when working from home have been useful, check out more of my business posts here.

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