2 Days without Social Media

On Tuesday night, I decided it was time to cut social media out of my daily life.
When I say social media, I mean Facebook and Twitter. I was using them way too much.

To recap: I deleted the apps from my phone and changed my passwords to random ones, which I can only access from my laptop.
Basically, I can’t access them at all from anywhere other than my laptop.
I allow myself about 15 minutes in the evening to reply to messages, once the kids are asleep.

Something the lovely Michaela from Two Little Paines said last night really hit home with me. She commented on last night’s blog post and said: “last thing i want is them growing up thinking mummy’s facebook comes before quality time with them.” In a nut shell, she is exactly right! With this in mind, I have made even more of an effort today to ditch my phone. I still have to check emails and reply to those when they come through, but I have spent hardly any time on my phone otherwise.

Did it make an improvement? I can’t be sure. Today has been an AWFUL day. Sam was up most of the night, so has been in a foul mood all day. It has been tantrum after tantrum. There were a good half a dozen times when I wanted to tweet about how stressed I was, but obviously I couldn’t. I haven’t picked up my phone to check twitter or facebook out of habit today, so I guess that was a good thing.

I am missing keeping in touch with online friends. Especially on Twitter. I have lots of lovely people I have tweeted with almost daily since I found out I was pregnant with Sam. That’s 2.5 years. I have noticed I am getting stressed a lot quicker today, but that could be down to almost no sleep again last night, or the fact I haven’t had coffee today.

My Darling Husband was really mean today though. He tweeted this, knowing full well I wasn’t able to defend myself…

HOW MEAN IS HE! Revenge will be sweet!
(For the record: I was singing “I am a cylinder” – completely educational).

Plus, my darling tantrum-throwing son was giggling at me. It made a refreshing change from the 3 hours of screaming which proceeded it!

So… The Social Media Hiatus will continue for now. I am missing it,
but I am seeing the benefits (between tantrums and meltdowns).

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