Day 1 without Social Media

So, I have survived my first 24 hours without social media. I thought I’d let you’s all know how it is going.

The day started much like any other. I got my phone and checked my emails. Then Facebook and Twitter – oh wait. I can’t check them now, my apps have all been deleted. I also took the initiative of setting up stupidly hard passwords last night, so I couldn’t log in via safari. (I am crafty). I knew I’d buckle otherwise.

I got ready and got Syd ready, then went down to sort Sam out (who had been up for an hour with Daddy). We were all dressed and fed over an hour sooner than on a “normal” day. Then we all played in the playroom for a couple of hours. I left my phone in the kitchen. This felt oddly satisfying. (Usually it would be in my pocket or in my hand).

I loaded the kids into the car to go and visit my aunt at 11am, and my battery was still at 91% (Usually is is down to the 70’s by this time).
We then met my Mum for lunch, and my battery was still in the 80’s at this point. I didn’t mention my social media hiatus to my mum. After an hour, she asked if I had no credit as my phone hadn’t been glued to my hand. (I am on contract, so don’t have to worry about credit, but I was surprised she had noticed the missing phone). I guess my addiction really was as bad as I thought.

I have to be honest, I probably tried to check Twitter at least 30 times before lunch, but as soon as I saw the app was missing, I remembered why and didn’t regret my decision.

By the time I put the kids to bed, my battery was still over 40% charged. (It is usually flat by 6pm, so this was a big difference). I then spent an hour doing a bit of online browsing, then had a soak in the bath before surfing the net for a bit. I logged in to facebook and twitter on my laptop to check inbox messages and DM’s. I will also be posting the link to this blog post, but then I am signing right back out of my online bubble and getting on with real life again.

Overall, today has gone well. The kids both seemed to appreciate the missing gadget, and I can say with confidence that today has been less stressful than any other day has been, for a good while. I am definitely going to continue with the social media hiatus for now.

I am missing it, and feeling guilty for not checking in with people, but I definitely felt less stressed without it.
I have no idea why, but I do.

Maybe everyone should try to have a social media free day?
I definitely think the kids benefitted from my turning off the tech.

Do you think you could survive a day without facebook and twitter?

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